Watch out! There is a news article under your nose

By Claudia Madeira

Are you going around in circles trying to better promote your agency as a whole or a specific program that needs a boost? Communications can be tricky and puzzling, but also very rewarding. An experienced journalist can identify several communications opportunities that were under your nose all along. Now forget your nose and open your eyes!

If you can’t squeeze a communications specialist into your agency’s budget, the moment urges a simple rule: Do it by yourself.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisation (NCVO), a charitable company located in London, England, organized a consistent and practical guides for turbo-charging your agency and, consequently, strengthening your brand. The NCVO/Knowhownonprofit has a step-by-step guide that can support you while creating your communications strategy plan. From How the Media Works, passing through Social Media, Blogging, Marketing and branding, this website can lead you from nowhere to the 1st place in the podium of recognition.

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