New program will reduce the electricity bills of low-income customers

The Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) is a program to provide ongoing, and on-bill, rate assistance for low-income electricity consumers in Ontario.

Clients can apply for the program after October 26, 2015 and on-bill credits will begin for electricity consumption after January 1, 2016.

Qualifying individuals could be eligible for a credit of $30 or more on their monthly electricity bill for a two year period. Clients will have to re-qualify every two years. (The eligibility period may be extended for some consumers whose conditions are unlikely to change. e.g. some seniors, and those with permanent disabilities on fixed incomes)

Some customers with special electricity requirements such as those with electric heat, medical devices requiring electricity and First Nations and Metis customers may be eligible for additional credits.

Although most Ontario Works & ODSP clients may be eligible for the OESP, an application must be completed for clients to receive a reduction to their electricity bill.

More information at Ontario Electricity Support Program

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