Fresh content, all websites deserve it!

By Claudia Madeira

After a challenging financial exercise trying to include an additional sum for communications & marketing in your agency’s budget, you got it! Now you have a clean and positive logo, modern website, Facebook and Twitter with the same visual identity, engaging written content, nice videos and pictures…and also a Google Analytics report that has been showing you that everyone forgot all your efforts very fast.

What’s happened? The answer is simple: the absence of a fresh content.

Great events and programs can easily fall short of your buzz marketing expectation when you do not keep promoting it with more details, information, interviews, etc., consistently. One exercise that you and your team can do is to use the mind map and think about what you need to promote. As if using a prism, write down all the possible subtopics and approaches that your event/program can cover, directly or indirectly, and write about each one of them.

Use inspiration, research, creativity, interviews, every detail that can transform your topic to something with the wow effect. Then try to organize the information and adapt the content for each media that you have. An email marketing has a different approach from a post in your website. The image or a selection of images for your Facebook campaign can also play an important role when the goal is to bring internet users (saying better, your clients, funders, media, all stakeholders) to your website. Twitter, let’s do it!

Do you still get bad marks from your Google Analytics report? Fresh content is the key answer for better marks in your report and it is going to lead you to a strong and loyal digital presence.

In terms of community workers, “…content can help develop a community narrative, highlight the top members in the community, create a social order within the community, and increase the sense of togetherness felt by members”, well addressed by Richard Millington, in his book Buzzing Communities.

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